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Our mission is to advance the knowledge and expertise of Electro-technological professionals who will become Licensed Electrical Inspectors. The Institute of Electrotechnology is a place where every person can develop to their fullest potential.

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The Institute of Electrotechnology believes in ONGOING ELECTRICAL TRAINING. Whether you’re wanting to advance your career by studying to become a LICENSED ELECTRICAL INSPECTORS(LEI),  attempting your A CLASS ELECTRICIANS assessment, or would like to expand your knowledge base, our bespoke training packages will help you excel in your chosen area of study.

Modern Courses

Australian Standards update regularly.  Stay at the top of your industry by enrolling in a short course on current standards.

Practical Assessments

Our custom fit-out facility offers a variety of practical examples of real world installations in simulated practical applications.

Flexible Learning

ONLINE COURSES as well as IN PERSON on campus study. Study at your own pace with individual models or build a bespoke package.

One on One Coaching

One on One mentoring available. Don’t get lost in the crowd, contact us to discuss one on one coaching or refresher training.

I believe in lifelong learning and TIET is a great place to learn from experts. I would  recommend it to all my workers and my friends in the industry. It’s a great place to learn from experts.


The Institute of Electrotechnology has  amazing, real life examples and situations. Being able to test real switchboards is a huge advantage when it comes to exam time and the variety helps a lot.


The ability to learn online, in my own time was awesome. Access to resources any where and any time was fantastic, I could even study on my lunch break at work. Online refresher is a great help learning how to pass my exams.